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January 2018
Hi Mark,
I want to thank you again for the superb installation and regulation of my new Ronsen Hammers and WNG Composite shacks on my Mason and Hamlin 7’ BB - truly the job of a Master Craftsman. What a joy to play such a superb instrument with such refined sound and regulation. It was amazing before the work, but now, with your care, it has become responsive to my every need for tone colour variations, dynamic range (especially ppp playing), resonance, and blindingly fast key repetition. Cheers, and feel free to post this as a testimonial.
Mark McDowell

November, 2014
I highly commend Mark Edel for doing the impossible! As a very active professional pianist, both classical and contemporary, I need my residence piano to be inspiring, and through the years I've become more frustrated with my flawed piano. I've had at least three technicians tell me the piano could not be repaired to my satisfaction because of the structure itself.
This is a seven foot grand with a wonderful bass register, but nothing else.
I had arranged for Mark to remove the piano, and to buy it for parts. I was prepared to purchase a new grand. When Mark played it, he excitedly assured me that he could restore it and create a completely new piano worthy of professional performance.
He highly exceeded my expectations! This piano is now the most beautiful, responsive piano I have ever played, including performance pianos. From Beethoven to Brubeck, the clarity, tonality, resonance and delicately precise action facilitates the most demanding technical passages.
Thank you very much, Mark!
Anne Marie Leonard
October 19, 2010
To whom it may concern:
"... the Session of Knox church entrusted the repair and refurbishment of the piano to Mark Edel of Mark's Piano Services in Guelph ...
... The result has been nothing short of spectacular: the sound has life and warmth, with greatly enhanced evenness of tone from treble to bass; the bass has depth and power, the treble brilliance, and the middle register a clear, singing quality that it lacked before.
... I would enthusiastically recommend Mark's Piano Services to anyone in need of piano repair or restoration. His quality workmanship, attention to detail and customer care are all of very high standards, and we are very pleased with the rebuilding of our grand piano; we are confident that it will continue to sing out with vigour for many years to come."
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Mark has rebuilt two vintage Heintzman pianos for us, the first being our family piano that we have given to our son, and the second being one that he found through his network of contacts in the piano world, and that will soon be in our home. . . .
I wholeheartedly endorse the quality of Mark's work and hope that others will choose to have him bring their old pianos back to the life they deserve.
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August 28, 2009
Dear Mark,
I wanted to write you today, as a special thank you for all the time, effort and work you've done for me on my Heintzman grand. You've done an outstanding job and there are few words to express how thrilled I am with the final results. It's fantastic!! ...
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20 September 2007
Dear Mark:
On behalf of my family, I want to express to you just how happy we are with the rebuilding work you have completed on our 90-yr-old Heintzman E miniature grand piano. ...
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My experience with Mark Edel and his company "Mark's Piano Services" has always been first rate. His work has met my expectations and he has earned my respect and admiration. I would recommend Mark to anyone that values honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic. ...
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